Rhythm Changes Nashville

What is Rhythm Changes?

Rhythm Changes is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to music education. Currently focused on Haiti, we provide young student musicians with the tools they need for success.


Who does Rhythm Changes help?

Our current focus is Cap Haitian, Haiti. Cap Haitian is the second largest city on the island of Haiti, with about 190,000 residents. Formed in 1711, Cap Haitian was the city’s capital until 1770 (Port Au Prince is the current capital). 70% of Haiti is unemployed, most people do not eat every day, and do not have access to clean water.


How often are the trips to Haiti?

Brandon, the founder of Rhythm Changes in Maryland, takes about three to four Trips a year.


What is your favorite part of this organization?

My favorite part of the organization is how it uses music, an international language, to bring young people out of their circumstances. I believe young people can make a difference, and I think it’s really great that young people at Belmont University are using music to change the world.

How can people in the Belmont community participate? What all do you accept for donations?

First and foremost prayer for the work being done in Haiti as well as for the teams in Maryland and Nashville. Monetary donations go a long way since Haitian workers get paid less than a dollar. Musical instruments and whatever else you think would improve a young person’s life in Haiti are also accepted.  

Are there any events coming up that Belmont students can attend?

There are currently no events but we are planning a benefit concert to take place early next semester. Check our social media pages for updates!


What are your social media handles?

Our facebook page is Rhythm Changes - Nashville

Our instagram is @rhythmchangesnashville

Our website is rhythmchanges.org


How did you hear about this organization?

I am still new to the organization myself, but I first heard about the organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, when watching the news and I felt God was calling me to join this organization. After getting into contact with Brandon I was able to bring this organization down to Nashville, and specifically to Belmont where we now have several students working hard to be part of this organization’s success.


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