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Belmont University sophomore Olivia Blumb hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin and is passionate about public relations. At Belmont, she has a major in public relations with a minor in corporate communication. Olivia is an active member of Belmont’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). In PRSSA, she previously she served the chapter as VP of Communication and now will be serving as VP of Professional Development.

Outside of school and work, Olivia loves to be surrounded by her family and friends. She said, “We are super tight knit, so it would feel weird to not be around them often.” Her family spends the summer in Door County, Wisconsin on their boat and travels to see family members across the country.

Why did you choose to attend Belmont University?

I chose Belmont because I was looking for a school in a bigger city that still had a small town feel. Nashville fit everything that I wanted in that! I actually toured Belmont as a joke because I wanted to go on a trip during my junior year of high school but immediately fell in love when I stepped on campus. I saw so many opportunities at Belmont, as well as Nashville, so it just felt right! 

How did you know public relations was the right major for you?

Olivia knew she wanted to major in public relations (PR) after analyzing her skills and realizing that this career path had so many different aspects to it. “I love PR because you can work a corporate job, in an agency, for a nonprofit, in sports or entertainment and so much more,” said Olivia. “I saw it as a field that I could grow in and not have to do the same thing for my entire life.”

What are your career goals?

Her main career goal is to tell stories that share the true message of a brand or person. Olivia always wants to ask what they (a brand or person) are looking to share so she can do it with enhancements. She shared, “I also hope to have clients trust me to tell their story. I love PR because so much of it is building relationships and what better way to do that than listening to their story?”

What is the best book you’ve read?

“This is going to sound cheesy but “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis is the best book I’ve read. I love the message of the book so much and find that it can relate to both my personal and professional life.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to meet Olivia Blumb!

Katie is a senior at Belmont University studying public relations and corporate communication. Since elementary school, she's had an immense love for writing and storytelling, which led to her pursuing opportunities to continue these passions in college. In addition to writing and storytelling, Katie enjoys being outdoors, volunteering in the community, reading and spending time with loved ones.
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