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There are so many ways to grow and practice your faith in during your college years. College is a time for exploration and growth and in my experience, I have grown so much in my faith throughout my time in college. Here are some of my tips and tricks that I have found work for me personally through my last two years of college!

1. During your college admissions process, think about the kind of school you want to go to.

Belmont is a Christian University, and we have some chapel requirements and are required to take two faith-related courses. That being said, we have students that practice all sorts of different faiths and I know of schools that require a lot more than Belmont does. Reading about the different schools’ missions and if they are religious or not is a great way to start your college search!

2. Join clubs!

In my time at Belmont, I have joined Delight Ministries which is a women’s college ministry. I have loved the connections that I have gotten to make with those girls in both large group and small group. Another route to go is if your school offers it, join a Christian sorority! Two of my friends are in Sigma Alpha Omega at their respective schools, and I think this is a great way to practice faith in college. I am honestly so surprised that Belmont does not have a chapter!

3. If you are planning on going to college far from home, finding a new home church to get plugged into can be a challenge.

I recommend scouting out a church that you like in the first few weeks of being in school. One of the things that I did was kind of “church hop” to different churches every week until I found a few that I like! I also went with my friends to their favorite churches and asked around to see what everyone liked about them. Now, Nashville and Middle Tennessee is known as the “Bible Belt” because there are SO many churches in the area, so this plan may not work for every city. However, ask your friends where they go to church and tag along with them!

4. If you’re missing church back home….

If you are missing your church friends from home, set up an online devotional or weekly bible study time! This way you can connect and catch up with all of them. I recommend using the classic Bible app for devotionals. You can schedule weekly Facetime calls with your church friends from back home and follow devotionals together, or even set up a group chat in which you can talk about devotionals and church whenever.

College is such a great time to grow in your faith during college!

-Rachel Smith

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