Campus Celeb: Meghan Garrison

Name: Meghan Garrison

Year: 2020

Hometown: Franklin, TN

Major and Minor: Songwriting major, Music Business Minor 

What made you choose Belmont? 

I chose Belmont because I knew that was where God was calling me, and once I got into the songwriting program, I knew I would have the BEST time at Belmont. The actual “thing” that made me sure Belmont was the place for me, was when the TT leaders and summer staff made me feel welcome and hype about being at Belmont.

What first interested you in pursuing music? 

I first became interested in pursuing music when my high school choir teacher and mentor pushed me to try out for Artist Guild (our talent show), and I fell in love with performing. I then began being a part of as many performances (both musical and theatrical) as I could because I had found my passion in life.

How would you describe your music and your style? 

My music is pop jazz. I primarily play piano, so my music has a lot of jazz and blues chords and progressions, combined with a raspy pop vocal.

You’ve just released your debut single, “Feel This Way Too”, this January; what was that process like for you? 

The process of releasing my single was invigorating as a musician and artist. Every hour spent recording the live instruments, creating BGVs, and adding post-production effects had me never wanting to leave the studio. Music for me is very much a personal experience as a listener, and I wanted my passion to be communicated through the speakers to the listener. I also have this philosophy of craving real instruments in both my own music and the music I listen to, so I will continue to apply this to all the music I make.

What’s next for you and your music?

I will be releasing the full EP in a few weeks, so that is super exciting! I’m always writing new material, so really continuing to play gigs and record music is the plan- just trying to exploit myself and my music as much as I can.

What gets you in the mood to write songs?

Inspiration will strike me randomly. I could be in a shower in Hawaii (which is a true story behind one of my songs), stuck in traffic, or at work when inspiration strikes. For me, I try to write even when I’m not inspired because that makes the songs that come out during inspiration even better.

Who are your top three music inspirations and why? 

Tom Petty- his music is timeless, nostalgic for me, and was what I grew up on. I love the music behind his songs and the free spirit in his themes. I take a lot of influence from the way he wrote about anything he wanted to. Amy Winehouse- her chords and progressions are very influential to me, and the sad, real themes she sung about always influenced the way I craft slower, sadder songs. I also draw a lot of inspiration from her as a female- the way she went for her dreams and did it on her own inspires me a lot. Joan Jett- she is a rock and roll queen. Do I need to say more? The fact that she literally slays people by just being in a space says a lot, and she carries that confidence on stage with her. She inspires me in the energy and confidence I project while performing.

What advice would you give to the freshmen or anyone thinking about pursuing music here at Belmont?  I would advise anyone who is wanting to do music to never give up. I originally auditioned for the commercial voice program and got rejected. Instead of giving up, or looking elsewhere, I tried out in other areas and ended up making the songwriting program- much to my surprise seeing as I had submitted the first song I ever wrote and the first good song I ever wrote. So, obviously it was a total God thing and I followed the door that was presented to me. I believe that if someone wants to be at Belmont, they should come because they will reach whatever goals they have due to Belmont presenting TONS of opportunities.

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