Belmont: More Than Academics

Since Belmont is a religion-centered university, there are multitudes of ways for students to become involved with their faith on campus. And even though Belmont is mainly a Christian school, there are plenty of opportunities for those who are associated with a different faith or who aren’t religious at all. Personally, I am a Christian and my first few weeks of college had me feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and even lonely at times. I knew I wanted to get involved somehow, but I didn’t know how. But after attending the BruinLink fair, I was enlightened by all the opportunities on campus that would allow me to flourish.

The first organization I joined was YoungLife, a youth Christian organization that meets once a week for worship and then another time per week for small groups. The first time I went, I was immediately introduced to so many wonderful people that I knew I wanted to become friends with. That night, we played games, met new people, and sang some worship music that immediately helped me feel a sense of belonging. And since joining YoungLife, I have joined a small group that is supportive, loving, and fun. And aside from just the religious aspects of it, YoungLife offers fun excursions including canoeing and even a 3-day camp located at a place called Carolina Point, where campers enjoy cliff jumping, sports, and worship.

Another on-campus organization that I am involved with is called Delight, an all-girls ministry. It meets every Friday at 10:00 A.M in the Gabhart Student Center and is an hour of scripture reading, doughnut-eating, and meeting other Belmont students. Delight stresses the acceptance and value of each and every girl in the room while also drawing them into their faith. Delight, similar to YoungLife, also offers the chance to join small groups to worship in a more intimate setting. This year has accumulated the most small groups that Delight has ever had because of its growing popularity. And Delight also emphasizes that no matter who you are, what your faith is, or what you’re going through, you are welcome every week.

I would definitely recommend joining a college ministry not only to grow stronger in your faith and explore your beliefs, but to meet incredible new friends and make memories that you’ll fondly look back on. I wouldn’t be having nearly as good of a college experience without these organizations.

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