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While You Were Out: This Week’s Top News

This week in the news…

Barilla Pasta’s Chairman’s Anti-Gay Comments Have People Boiling!

Barilla Pasta’s Chairman, Guido Barilla, made many anti-gay comments in an interview on Radio 24 this past Wednesday.  The radio host asked him why his company had yet to feature a gay family in his ads.  Barilla responded that a “traditional family” or “sacred family” is the only family he will feature in his commercials.  Barilla stated that: “If gays like our pasta and our advertisings, they will eat our pasta, if they don’t like that, they will eat someone else’s pasta.”  Barilla apologized for his comments via Twitter, but many activists are demanding a boycott of Barilla pasta.

 Is RHONJ Melissa Gorga Promoting Marital Rape in Her New Book?

Melissa Gorga, one of the Real Housewives’ of New Jersey, is receiving a lot of backlash for her book, Love Italian Style.  Many people have insisted that the book promotes marital rape and submission to one’s husband.  Excerpts like this from her husband, Joe: “Men, I know you think your wife isn’t the type who wants to be taken.  But trust me, she is” are not helping her, even though she claims that quote was taken out of context.  Gorga is insisting that her book does not promote rape, just that men should be more aggressive.  She states that Joe is a very supportive husband, and that her book has some “really great tips” for a successful marriage.

After Break-In and Destruction of His House Ex NFL Star is Searching for Vandalizers

On August 31st, an estimated 300 teens broke into ex NFL star Brian Holloway’s vacation home in upstate New York and completely trashed his house.  The teens posted tons of pictures on Twitter during the party, and after Holloway found out about the break in and vandalism, he created a website called helpmesave300.com.  The website was created to help identify the 300 partygoers and includes countless tweets and photos from that night.  Many kids have been identified, and the parents, instead of making their children go to Holloway and apologize, are threatening to sue him for posting their children’s names on the Internet.  The teens caused about 20,000 dollars in damage, and only one parent and his child showed up to help clean up the house.  Holloway has not decided whether or not he will press charges.

Catwalk or Cat Fight at Paris Fashion Week?

The catwalk turned into a catfight after two protesters rushed the stage during Nina Ricci’s fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.  Two topless women from the Ukrainian feminist group, Femen, charged the runway and grabbed model Hollie-May Saker’s arm and tried to lift up her skirt.  Saker claims she pulled her arm back and ended up punching one of the women in the nose, but after viewing a video from the show, reporters were not sure that Saker actually hit the protestor.

No NY vs. BOS Rivalry This MLB Post-Season: Yankees Are Out

The New York Yankees will not being going to the playoffs this year.  The normally unstoppable team lost 8-3 to the Tampa Bay Ray’s on Wednesday, knocking them out of the run for the Wild Card. This is the first time since 2008, and only the second time in 19 years, that the Yankees did not qualify for the post season.  However, Yankee fans should still feel hopeful; the last time the team failed to make the playoffs, the ended up winning the World Series the next season.


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