When Life Gives to Lemons, Go to Walmart: Cheaper Workout Gear Alternatives

Being the cliché poor college student that I am, I find myself constantly cutting corners in any way possible. This budgeting method often includes shopping exclusively in the sales sections of stores and trying to find the best bang for your buck. In the past week I have just realized that for someone who seems to life in gym gear, I do not own anything lululemon. While that may seem very shocking considering it seems to be a staple in every girl’s workout wardrobe, I have never been able to comprehend spending around $80 on a pair of leggings, when I have other pairs that work just as well from cheaper, alternative brands. To share in the spirit of saving post buying course textbooks, here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop that still offer stylish athletic gear while not breaking the bank:

  1. Walmart: I am a big fan of their selection of the brand Danskin, as I have many pairs of their leggings that have actually been mistaken for lululemon. Needless to say I was very proud of my $12 purchase.

2. Gap: While Gap isn’t notorious for being super cheap, they often have great prices and unique finds at their outlet stores. I have two pairs of their leggings that I seem to live in during the school week that have still managed to keep their shape after about a year (just watch out with putting these leggings along with cheaper alternatives in the drier as it may cause them to pill)

3. Old Navy. This is my holy grail shop for all athletic gear. Old Navy always seems to be having sales, so keep your eye out for their discounted athletic apparel. From tops to sports bras to leggings, to even running shoes, they have a wide array of really fashionable gym wear. I even bought a pair of running shoes from there 2 years ago for $10 when deciding to indulge in a pair of Nikes and was beyond impressed by their performance.

4. Aerie: While they are known for the super comfy lounge and sleepwear, this branch of American Eagle has some really good workout finds that are wallet friendly.

5. Forever 21: Next time you are online shopping, browse through their athletic section to find really great staple pieces at super cheap prices. While the quality of some of these items are somewhat questionable, they have a lot of great gems to get your wardrobe started

6. Target: Target is a great one stop shop for all workout equipment. From cute water bottles to patterned yoga mats, their workout section has a great variety of patterns and designs

7. T.J Maxx/Marshalls: These two places are always my go to when trying to find cheaper alternatives to high-end trends. Having a wide selection of brands and sizes, they often have racks centered in the store with their latest “in products” that make shopping all that much easier

8. Nordstrom Rack: A great place to go if you are on the hunt for brand names like Under Armour and Nike, but still looking for a great deal.

So next time you feel your workout wardrobe needs an update, browse these shops to revamp your style and save some cash!