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What Really Happens when You Go Home for Break

After what seemed to be a LONG stretch of time from the end of winter break, some of us packed our bags to go home for break. Mid-term week sucked the life out of me and I was ready to go home. A lot of people were going off the tropical places for cool trips but I was exhausted so going home was great. I found myself counting down the days and rushing out of clinical so that I could finish packing and leave for the airport.  This is what really ends up happening when you go home for spring break:

  1. You spend too much time talking to your dogs. This is totally fine though because dogs = your best friend and you miss them so much while you’re away at school.

  1. Going to get food at local places you like. I will have to admit that I drove to Starbucks at least once (if not more) every day and I have no shame. Going to local restaurants is also nice because everyone knows food is always priority, especially when you’re home.

  1. Seeing friends from home. Whether it is visiting friends who go to that big state school you almost went to or having your high school friends have the same break as you, it’s really refreshing to have a change of scenery.

  1. Sleeping in your own bed. Nothing feels as good as being able to sleep as late as you want and spread out without worrying about rolling off a twin bed.

  1. Watching lots of t.v/Netflix. Also, no shame in doing this because you are home and home is a judgment free zone.









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