Ways to Pamper Yourself During Midterms

It’s midterm season again, and we all know the stresses that come with these tests. Between studying for hours and worrying about getting good grades, midterm season is hectic to say the least. This is a time you should remember to give yourself a break every once in a while. Luckily these tips can give you the pampering you surely need.

1. Face Masks


Everyone knows the extra stress from midterms may make your skin break out. Face masks can help clear your skin and give you a fresh feeling to recharge your energy.

2. Exercise

Studying for hours is great for your grades but not so much for your body. Getting up and going for a run or heading to the Plex will rejuvenate your mind and body. As Elle Woods so eloquently “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy.”

3. Yummy Food

Treat yourself to some delicious desserts or a trip to El Pelon. Midterms are tough and you deserve to indulge yourself every once in a while. Think of it as your prize for all that hard work.

4. Do your nails

There’s something relaxing about carefully focusing on giving yourself the best manicure possible. Plus, after all that studying, it’ll be nice to give your hands a break from writing and typing.

5. Get a good night’s sleep / Take a nap

There’s no better way to pamper yourself than to let yourself sleep. It can be hard to put the books down and shut your computer off, but going to bed at a reasonable time really is the best thing you can do to feel like your best self.

Hopefully after doing these activities you will feel much better, much calmer, and much happier. Plus, it’s always fun to indulge yourself every once in a while!