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An Unspoken Thank You

This is an article for all the girls out there who love to party and tend to drink maybe a little too much more than they should.

As females, it is our job to stick together and always be on the lookout for each other. This is why it is extremely important, that when you do go out, you have a reliable friend to back you up—and why you should definitely reciprocate. So, this is a public thank you letter to all those girls out there that never leave our side:

Dear friend,

Even though at the time we may have whined and pouted when you wouldn’t let us have any more to drink when we promised we were okay; thank you.

Or when someone would offer us a drink, you would always be there to turn it down; thank you.

When we passed out on that random kid’s couch and they said it would be fine if we slept over there, you were smart in denying them and taking us home; thank you.

When we had a bit of a difficult time walking, you held us by our arm and carefully escorted us back to our room; thank you.

Also, thank you for helping us change out of our clothes and into a more comfortable outfit; thank you, we really appreciate it.

When we finally got settled into bed and you into yours, you may have received a text that said that we were going to be sick. Thank you for coming right away and helping me into the bathroom, in case I really was going to be sick. Oh, and for tying our hair up too; thank you.

Or how you took the time to check on us every thirty minutes, even though we were out cold and would have no idea that you were doing that; thank you.

Honestly, just thank you for everything you did for us last night. Your actions do not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten. I hope you know that we, in a heartbeat, would do the same for you.


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