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Now that Senior year is finally here, I have officially been slotted into the “SWUG” stereotype. For those who don’t know, SWUG stands for...

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Her Conference: High School

This past Saturday, I was honored to be both an attendant and speaker at Her Conference: High School. Upon arriving to Tufts University,...

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An Unspoken Thank You

This is an article for all the girls out there who love to party and tend to drink maybe a little too much more than they should. As...

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Meet Cutie Mary Lou Ponsetto!

Mary Lou Ponsetto is a cutie that is sure to impress. I have known the girl for the majority of my life and it took till today to realize...

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Mean Girls

Maybe the 2004 film “Mean Girls” got it right… sometimes girls can be plain old mean. We gossip, we fight, we undermine, we criticize, we...