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Trend Alert: Boyfriend-less Boyfriend Jeans

You don’t need a boyfriend for one of the best, never-dying jean trends that is dubbed “Boyfriend Jeans.” The best thing about these jeans is that they are meant to be loose (so you can let it out!) and comfortable. Boys are not the only ones who should be able to enjoy relaxed jeans! And that’s why in 2009, Katie Holmes wore Tom Cruise’s jeans and started the modern-day phenomenon: menswear for women. I don’t want to see any single girls getting discouraged; this is a trend for all girls to enjoy—with or without a boyfriend.

1.  To stay in the “OMG I’m wearing boy clothes” state of mind, it’s totally cool to pair boyfriend jeans with other boyish clothing like a tailored shirt.

Reese Witherspoon

2.  Or you can begin to break away from the boy style by adding girlish pieces (hello, Louis!), but still doing the whole tailored thing with a blazer (which is totally more girly than a tailored shirt).

Miranda Kerr

3.  As we begin to take the “boy” out of boyfriend jeans, we can begin to add feminine colors and pieces….take a look at the shoes!

Jennifer Aniston

4.  In fact, forget the slightest concept of boyfriend jeans. Pair heels with these bad boys! Rock the trend that ought to be called girlfriend jeans… because there is no reason to give boyfriends all the credit.

Kendall Jenner

Remember girls, boyfriend or not, these jeans are our jeans and we can rock them casually or to the highest of fashion. Note: these jeans look fantastic with pointed-toe flats. Have fun experimenting!

And if you put together something really fab, send us a pic and you might just be featured on our Style Blog! Be sure to send your submission to [email protected] and include your name, class year, major, and a quote about your great new look!


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