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I am a huge snack-er. I’m usually found with fruit or cookie or bag of chips– whatever it takes to keep me going through the day. Even though these days I have been trying to (kinda) stick to my New Year Resolution, there are still some snacks from my childhood that I can’t live without:

1.     Cosmic Brownies

I have always been a huge chocoholic so this definitely should not surprise anyone. There’s just something about this fudgy goodness that I absolutely cannot resist.

2.     Dunkaroos

I LOVED these. Maybe it was all the mess of the dunking the cookie into the frosting but I was sold. Even now, I bake cookies and slather on frosting on it before eating them.

3.     Fun Dip

In all honesty, these were both good and bad. I was addicted to the powder and not so much a fan of the sugar stick. I would just rip these open and pour the sugar directly into my mouth with no regard for the dipping stick.


4.     Ring Pops

I was the most stylish kid back in elementary school (or so I would like to think). With Ring Pops on my fingers, no one could say anything because I was obviously on another level.


5.     Push Pops

Half of the fun of these was just pushing the candy up through the tube. Nevertheless, I lived for these and would not be caught without one.


Throwback candy definitely has to be my favorite candy. My body just isn’t the same without like 1200 grams of pure sugar coursing through it. Even though they’re not the healthiest, it’s still fun to release your inner child and indulge in a snack or two every so often.


Hey! I'm a junior majoring in English and Psych!
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