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Tech-free for an Hour a Day

I am the first person to admit I have an iPhone addiction. And if I’m not on my iPhone, I’m on my iPad, and if I’m not on that, I’m on my laptop or watching TV. I’m starting to realize that I have a bit of a problem. My mom used to take away all our electronics during the summer and looking back, I realize how many experiences I had that wouldn’t be possible if I had been constantly texting. Now I know I’m not the only one, so here’s why and how you can put the technology away for an hour a day.


Putting down your phone will allow you to experience the world around you. Be able to look at campus without the mindset of the perfect Instagram picture. Actually see and say hi to that cute boy in your theology class instead of almost running into a lamp post while texting. It’s good for your eyes! The brightness from the screens can make your eyes tired and dull. It’s nice to allow your brain to take a rest. You don’t have to read every email you get once you receive it, you don’t have to keep track of all your constant text messages worrying you’ll accidentally text your crush what you wanted to text your best friend.

Ways to do it!

1. While exercising! Take a run around the res without your phone.  If you must exercise with music, turn on airplane mode and focus on getting that spring break bikini bod!

2. Read a book! For fun. I know reading for fun seems impossible with 500 commitments a week, but try! It’s my goal to read (and finish) a new book every month. 

3. Eating! Meet your friends for dinner at Lower, but leave your phone in your backpack. Enjoy some face to face conversations!


4. In class! I know, I know, no one texts in class. ;) From personal experience, when I put my phone away, I actually get really into the lecture. The constant checking my phone had made it difficult to pay attention to something that was actually pretty cool.

*Disclaimer: might not work for some horrible classes.

5. When you’re falling asleep! Charge your phone by your desk so you don’t have the constant temptation to check it.


Unplug once in a while and enjoy the world around you! It’ll be worth it!


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