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Spring Expectations vs Reality

With the weather finally starting to warm up and midterms coming to a close, spring is a time of change that calls for a shift in positive energy. Whether it is new style trends or prepping for summer, we each have our own perceptions of what spring should be. Here are some of the expectations we all have when it comes to spring; and the more likely reality of what these next few months will look like:

Expectation: Nailing down the new spring fashion trends

Reality: …Not quite getting it right

Expectation: Making adventurous outdoor plans with friends

Reality: Cancelling them to binge watching the new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Expectation: Getting an early start on your summer tan

Reality: Regretting using tanning oil instead of sunscreen

Expectation: Rocking fresh spring makeup looks

Reality: Cursing every YouTube beauty guru that mislead you

Expectation: Getting in shape for swimsuit season

Reality: Using every excuse to avoid the gym

So go out and rock that sunburn!













Hi! I'm Shannon Brink and I'm currently a freshman at BC. I'm from a small town in New Jersey, and I love being outdoors and traveling with friends and family. I'm the youngest of three, and living in a male dominated house where football typically takes over the dinner conversation, it's refreshing to have an outlet to talk about things that genuinely interest me and are relevant to my life as a clueless freshman trying to learn the ropes of college.
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