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Spring 2014 Jacket Picks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

If I had to describe spring in just one word, it would be transitional.  Think about it – not only is Boston transitioning from season to season, we are transitioning too.  As the number of class days start to dwindle and the weather becomes nicer, we start to make that inevitable transition from studying at O’Neill all hours of the day and night, to not necessarily caring as much about our work as we slowly start to burn out…at least until finals week. 

Our moods transition from being full of anxiety while waiting for winter to end, to becoming filled with excitement about the impending summer.  We are even preparing to make that transition into our next year of college by choosing classes for our fall semester, while the seniors are about to make their transition into the real world as they get ready for graduation.  Because of this, I believe that spring jackets should be just as transitional as the season – warm enough to keep you comfortable should there be any freak snowstorms or cold fronts in April and May, but light and stylish enough to keep you feeling fresh both during the day and at night.  Here are some of my top jacket picks!

Printed Biker Jacket

If you are already a big fan of the classic black leather biker jacket, this jacket option is the one for you.  However, instead of a solid color, spruce up your biker jacket for the spring by opting for one with a trendy print!  I am a huge fan of Kaliko Lydia’s printed biker jacket (pictured above), but if you aren’t looking to shell out the big bucks for a unique jacket like this, Forever 21 and H&M are selling faux leather biker jackets with cute prints for the spring season too!

The Blazer

In honor of Boston College’s CSOM being named the #4 business school in the United States, I’d like to express my love for blazers, especially during the spring.  They transition perfectly from day to night and, contrary to belief, they come in many different cuts and styles besides “The Businesswoman.”  If you’re scared of looking like you just got out of an office meeting, try buying a longer, less fitted blazer and pair it with a cute mini dress, or buy a blazer in a fun color, like the one pictured above!

The Trench

When Burberry designed its first trench coat, history was changed forever.  Trench coats are the perfect spring jacket and the essence of transitional – you can dress them up for a very posh and put-together look, or dress them down and nail the “oh, I just threw this on and left” type of look.  Either way, a well fitted and well-made trench coat should be a staple in every girl’s closet.  While Burberry trenches run upwards of $800, other designers like Vince Camuto and Michael Kors sell similar looking trenches for much less!

Dressing for spring can be tricky because the weather is so unpredictable.  Until we consistently start seeing those sunny days with a high of 70, make sure you go out and invest in the perfect spring jacket that protects you from the wind and rain, yet keeps you looking cute while you’re lounging in the quad and catching as much sun as you can before your next class! 


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