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Signs that it’s the End of the Spring Semester

You struggle waking up for the early classes

You slowly start to wake up later and later, until you are waking up at the last possible second. And yes, you can make your 11 am in Gasson when waking up at 10:45.

You can’t even get yourself to read Sparknotes

When you don’t even have the motivation to read a two-page summary of the 50-page chapter you’re supposed to read.

Your guy friends are asking you to swipe

Please hit me up, I have way too much money left.

You try to squeeze 5 pages of notes onto 1 because it’s the last page in your notebook and you don’t want to buy another

You’re lazy and have no money to do so.

You are robbed of all your Eaglebucks

No more Starbucks for you. It’s about time your stomach gets used to the iced coffee from Mac.

You kick up the gym grind and cut out the junk food to try and get that summer body

Is it possible to get a six-pack in two weeks??

You’re writing papers the night before they are due

Even though you knew about them since the beginning of the semester, you just couldn’t find the motivation.

Taking notes in class is becoming too much of a challenge

You’re watching way too much Netflix in one day

I lost track after 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Everyone is avoiding work and hanging outside

Basketball, football, baseball, Spike ball, and the occasional homework doer.

Marathon Monday creates an escalated downfall

This Monday, in particular, seems to heighten the lack of motivation and procrastination in most students.

The salmon shorts are making their come back

Come on, admit it. You missed them…deep down.

Throwing out your chem lab gloves is a miraculous event

You’re basically a chemist now.

You are never not overwhelmed

There’s always something to do.














Adrianna is a freshman majoring in psychology on a pre-med track at Boston College. She is really passionate about health and fitness and is trying to make it in Boston as a New York Sports fan. She can be found yelling at the TV a little too loudly when hockey is on, eating honey crisp apples, drooling over dylan o brien, or convincing people, that despite her 5'0 height, she is really 18 years old.
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