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Product Review: Wearsafe Tag

What do you do when you have to take an uber by yourself, want to go for a run after dark, or are heading to a sketchy part of town by yourself? Do you say “screw it,” and do it anyway against your better judgment? Do you text your friend to tell them where you are going just so someone knows where you are? Do you text your mom to have her track you on “Find My Friends” until you get to your desired location?

Well, no more. This product, the Wearsafe Tag, replaces all those forms of self-protection. Wearsafe allows you to hit the button on the top of the tag, which will connect to the Wearsafe app on your phone. The app then sends an alert to the people in your network (friends, family, etc.) that you are in a situation and that they should stand by. This opens up a chat where those in your network can message you to see if you are okay as well as see your current location. It also gives the option of calling 911 if necessary. I love the fact that it only alerts your friends and family, not 911 immediately in case it turns out to not be a dangerous situation.

After using this product, I thought to myself “why didn’t I think of that?” It seems incredibly basic, yet is so useful in order to stay safe. While it isn’t the most attractive device ever, it is small and portable and clips easily onto clothes or a bag. I wore it around for a day clipped to my backpack and found that it didn’t get in my way at all.

I highly recommend this product to anyone to stay safe in case of an unforeseen emergency. We have been taught since birth to be aware of our surroundings. This product is great for those what-if situations we have been taught to prepare for. Personally, I plan to use this anytime I have to Uber by myself or any of the other previously mentioned activities. Better safe than sorry!


Note: The Wearsafe Tag was provided in the HC Survival Kits.





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