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Even though it’s hard to admit to ourselves that the year is actually coming to a close, we have to take a look back at our wardrobe.  Look at all those pieces hanging in your closet, or since it’s finals week, thrown all over the place in your closet, and think about what you have and haven’t worn.  Think about those amazing, horrifying, or trendy outfits you put together this past year.  Now the real question is, do you need to keep it all?  The answer is probably not.  

In my family, spring cleaning comes twice a year and it isn’t even during spring; we clean out right before Christmas and right before the summer.  It’s the perfect time because I get home from college and I know what I have and haven’t been wearing.  Based on that, I make a box of giveaways.  I give away (or throw away depending on the condition) anything that I haven’t worn in the past year.  This can seem dramatic, but it isn’t worth having if you don’t wear it.  These items will just clutter your closet and getting rid of them will make room for cute new things!

Now if you don’t want to just give your clothes away, there are now so many places where you can sell them, or exchange them!  One of my favorite places from my hometown in NYC is Buffalo Exchange.  This store allows you to buy, sell, and trade clothes.  It’s the coolest concept because by exchanging things you don’t wear, you’re practically getting new clothes for free!  It’s a pretty trendy store too, so with some searching you can find great pieces!  They have clothes, shoes, and accessories.  I just recently learned that they have a location right here in Boston and locations all over the United States.  Their location in Boston is right off of the Harvard Ave stop on the B Line.

It will be tough to go through all of your clothes, and physically and emotionally let go of them, but getting money back for them isn’t so bad!  When you go home for the summer, find your nearest Buffalo Exchange and get exchanging!


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