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Perfect for a Picnic


On a gorgeous spring day who really wants to be indoors? I know I don’t! So rather than grabbing a quick meal from Lower or Mac and eating it in the café, grab a blanket, some friends and some food and head out to one of these locations on campus for a picnic.

Upper Campus

By the tree outside of Gonzaga- This location is almost picturesque with the sunlight pouring in through the branches. The tree also provides just enough shade so you are not too hot on extremely sunny days.

Behind O’Connell House- You’ll be completely out of the way of the flying Frisbees, the whiffle ball players and anyone else who may be out on the lawns of upper.


Middle Campus

Amphitheatre- Although crowded with students at certain times during the day, this spot is perfect for catching some rays while enjoying a nice meal.

Behind Carney – Almost always completely empty, this spot is peaceful and secluded allowing you to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of students moving from class to class.

Behind Devlin- Another sunny spot close to the center of it all. Perfect for people watching!

The lawn behind Gasson- Far enough out of the way of the students traveling to class but still close to the heart of campus, this lawn is perfect for sitting down for lunch.

And for those of you who have a little extra time and want a little exercise, head over to the Brighton Campus filled with plenty of spots for a picnic!


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