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An Open Letter to Spring


Dear Spring,


I just want to start this letter by saying thank you.  Thanks for the rays of sunshine and the cherry blossoms.  Thank you for providing me with another means of procrastination not just limited to social media.  You give me and college students across the country hope that summer is just on the horizon.




With that aside, we need to clear the air a little bit.


Here’s the thing: Every day I wake up in the morning and look at my weather app.  It says 65 and sunny with a dusting of clouds— which obviously means nothing at the time.  So when I see the sun and any number in the 60s range, like most people, I immediately grab my shorts or my dress, throw on a pair of sandals, maybe a light jacket, and start my day.


But then BAM.  I walk outside and it’s definitely not 65.  Actually, it’s more like 45.  Wearing sandals and shorts was about as good of an idea as wearing sweatpants during a snowstorm.  I sprint back to my room and throw on jeans and boots with a sweater.  Much better…


…until like noon when the sweltering heat decides to show up.  As much as I want to sit in O’Neill plaza or join those avid frisbee players on Bapst lawn, I’m pretty sure any further contact with the sun will result in me looking like I just took a lap around the Res.


Good thing you give trees and flowers the chance to blossom, offering shaded refuge from the heat.


HAH, just kidding.  I’m pretty sure you make everything really beautiful only to attack us with pollen and tiny-winged creatures as a sick joke.  As someone who’s never been stung by a bee, anytime I sit outside, I feel as if I’m being personally victimized.  The pollen isn’t cool either.  I regularly walk into my 2 o’clock class suffering from a case of the sneizures.

To top it all off, those small clouds you promised me actually become big, dark clouds in real life.  You see, I would appreciate a little warning.  Just maybe, a small notice that at approximately 3 PM you decided to casually change you mind about the sunshine.  But then, realizing that no one wants your gift of April showers, you turn sunny again!


I just can’t keep up. 


Listen, I really don’t want to offend you in anyway.  All I’m asking is for you to pick a temperature and stick with it.  If you decide it’s really cloudy and rainy, just let me know.  I have rain-boots and an umbrella.  It’s not a big deal.  If it’s just warm and sunny, that’s cool too.


I’m sure we can work something out.


Everything aside, I’m still really glad you’re here, Spring.  You ‘re probably the sole reason me and everyone else at BC are going to survive finals.


(But for the record, I still don’t forgive you for the daily stink bugs that greet me after I finish classes).

This will never be okay, sorry.









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