Meet the New Faces of HC BC!

Get to know the four girls who will be running Her Campus BC come fall! They are beyond excited to continue the HC BC legacy and here is what they are most looking forward to:

Niloufar Abae: "I'm so excited to be running the chapter next year alongside these lovely ladies. Her Campus BC is all about teamwork, and each one of our members is unique in her own way. Love this group so much and can't wait for next year!"

Alana Dolan: "Ever since I joined Her Campus my freshman year, I knew this was a group of girls I would click with! Next year as pub director I can't wait to be able to keep up the great friendship all the girls have on the team. Everyone is so talented and dedicated to the team, which makes it such a fun group to be around!"

Elizabeth LeRoux: "I'm so excited to be running the HC BC chapter with an amazing team. I am really looking forward to seeing how the writers and editors grow throughout the year, making the chapter even better!"

Katherine Valentino: "I can't wait to be running the chapter next year with these awesome girls because we all love HC BC and want to do whatever we can to keep it as amazing as it is. We have a lot of things planned and just can't wait to get started!"