Meet BC’s Women’s Club Soccer Team

Women’s Club Soccer is an incredible organization here at Boston College and something I’ve been so blessed to be a part of for the past 2 years; I hope to play on the team until I graduate in 2021. The team fosters a fun, welcoming environment for its members while remaining competitive in the Region 1 Women’s Club Soccer League. The team is tough competitor in this league as well as at the regional and national level. Last year, we went undefeated in our regular season games and traveled to the Regional Tournament in Delaware. While we suffered a tough loss in the tournament, we hope to return to Delaware this coming fall to compete in the Regional Tournament. If all goes well, you may see us in Foley, Alabama for the National Tournament in November.

How does someone join BCWCS?

The process of joining the club soccer team includes attending tryouts during the first week of classes. Generally, the team will hold 3 or 4 days of tryouts to evaluate players. By the end of the week, the captains and coach will decide on the players that they believe will best fit the team. BCWCS is a highly competitive and talented group of soccer players, so each year, we will be looking for talented group of girls willing to work hard & be committed to the team throughout our season.

Who do you play?

Although it varies from year to year, we tend to play teams no farther than 2 hours away from us during the regular season. Some teams we tend to play each season are Boston University, Harvard, Northeastern, MIT, and Brown. This year we added a few new teams to the schedule including URI and St. Anselm’s College. We generally play 8-10 games in our regular season & if we do well in our season, we can advance to the Regional Tournament in Delaware.

What activities do you do with the team outside of soccer?

We do a lot of bonding activities with our teammates during the entirety of the school year. These include team meals, formals, team runs, and events with other club teams. Last year, we had two formals, which are so fun because you get to dress up and have fun with all your teammates. A group of girls on the team ran the BC Red Bandana Run together, and then, later in the fall, three of our athletes ran the Cambridge Half Marathon.

We also do a good amount of events with our Men’s Club Soccer Team, so I’ve gotten to know them really well. Being a part of Club Soccer is like having a family and home away from home. We also do a week-long preseason before the school year starts in order to get back into the swing of things and get in shape. While preseason is challenging, it’s so nice getting to see my teammates. We get to catch up on summer and get even closer as friends.

What’s your best memory on BCWCS?

My favorite memory from the team last year was traveling to Delaware for Regionals. We took a 5 hour bus ride down to Delaware with the Men’s Club Team, and it was so much fun hanging out, playing music, and just bonding. Then, in Delaware, we did a bunch of team dinners and bonding activities; It was so fun getting that much closer with all my teammates. While we didn’t advance to nationals, it was still such a fun experience getting to represent my school in the Regional Tournament. We hope to travel back to Delaware this year, win our region, and head to nationals in Foley, Alabama.

Sources: All photos provided by myself & my teammates on BCWCS