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Leather and Lace

Everyone loves a good leather and lace combo. It doesn’t have to be overly sexualized all the time; it can be a really stunning combination. It’s the perfect look as we transition into spring. Here are some tips and ways to wear leather and lace. 

First, a staple in the closet is a leather jacket. It can be worn in the spring and the fall and is a classic part of any woman’s wardrobe. Pairing a leather jacket with a lace dress is a great look. The jacket can be black and the dress can be any color of your choice. Just remember that if it’s lace, a solid color would be best so as to not make the outfit too busy looking. As the season gets even warmer, choose lighter colors to put together. For instance, choose a fitted beige leather jacket with an ivory lace dress underneath. 

Another way to rock leather and lace is by wearing leather pants. I know this seems daunting, but bite the bullet and go for it. It is definitely a statement look, but it will look great. Try a skinny leg, real or faux leather pant, and pair it with a flowy lace top. This is a great look for going out because the leather dresses it up without even trying.

Leather and lace doesn’t even have to make up your whole look; it can just be part of your accessories. Try incorporating leather belts, shoes that have cutouts so as to look lacey. Or maybe when you’re wearing leather pants and a plain black top, choose a bag that has lace overlay. 

You can do so much with leather and lace, but keep it tasteful and balanced.  Too much of one or the other (or both) can go wrong. Don’t hesitate; try leather and lace the next weekend you head into the city or go out with your friends!


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