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Is Kombucha Really a Safe Drink to Consume?

Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea filled with probiotics, antioxidants, Vitamins, caffeine, and sugar.  The resurgence of this ancient Chinese tea is the supposed health benefits that consuming this tea can improve. Some of these claims are promoting healthy bacteria in the body, killing the bad bacteria in the body, reducing high blood pressure, helping with weight loss, decreasing chances of bacteria, and reducing chances of getting cancer. These slew of claims have little scientific evidence to back up if consuming Kombucha can really produce these results. 


One particular brand, Synergy, was involved in a lawsuit in 2015 for their misleading label claims that specifically targeted younger generations (in particular millennials). Synergy had claimed that from drinking Kombucha the consumer will be reawakened, rebirthed, redefined, and repurposed. This enticing claim was specifically marketed to target college student buyers. As college students, we are busy and tired. These beverages are prevalent within American dining halls across college campuses and students need to be weary that these drinks cannot do all that they claim. It is important that the younger generations are mindful of what they are drinking. 


Kombucha should be consumed in moderation (everything is OK in moderation). Though Kombucha is perfectly safe to drink, it is best that one limits their consumption to 12 ounces or less in one day. It is important to note that drinking too much Kombucha can cause more harm than good. Side effects to drinking too much Kombucha are lactic acidosis, damage to teeth, or infections. Though these drinks are FDA approved, it is best to do one’s research before consuming.

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