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It’s absolutely crazy how this is already year 4/4. It seems as if just a few months ago, I was unloading my car on Newton Campus. So many football games, late nights, stressful finals weeks, and memories flooded my mind as I came back to move in for the last time. While I can say that I’m really excited to be a ~swug~ I am pretty bummed out that there will be a lot of lasts throughout this year. There already was a last first day and last first tailgate. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have a last last day or a last last football game… not to mention what it will be like to have a last look on campus and my room before graduation (ahh!!). There’s so much promise that this year holds as well as some stressful things but here are some things that make me super sentimental/stressed about senior year: 

1. seeing the people you love- just amazing and it makes your heart SO full 

2. Cooking may or may not be questionable 

3. Being familiar with everything on campus is amazing

4. employment is scary… actually REALLY scary 

5. not caring about how you look saves so much time

6. The thought of adult-ing soon is horrifying 

7. feeling old on campus is also horrifying 

take it in and enjoy it all!!! 






















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