Finals Explained by The Office

It’s that time of year again when the books come out and you stay in: Finals Season! We all understand the pressure that Finals can cause and the toll this lack of sociability can take on us. So to reward yourself for getting to the end of the year, why not take a five minute break and check out these gifs from the office that probably mirror your internal state during finals.

1. The night before verses when you sit down to take the exam

2. How you feel when you see a question that was barely in your notes

3. When you go to your professor’s office hours

4. When you realize you have 2 exams and a paper due on the same day

5. When you’ve been in the library for 2 days straight with very little human contact

6. When you sit down and don’t even know the first question

7. When someone decides to eat in Bapst

8. When you open the textbook for the first time all semester

9. How you rationalize taking half an hour to eat dinner with friends

10. When you can finally go home