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Boston Bound: Spring-time Activities in the City


With less than one month to go, make the most of your final days in Boston before you head home for summer.  Here are six must-take city outings for your remaining few weeks in Bean Town…


  1. Bruins Game

After a long lockout, the Bruins are back!  Catch their last game Sunday, April 28 at 7pm against the Senators.


  1. The Book of Mormon

This must-see (Tony Award-winning, we might add) musical is at the Boston Opera House until Sunday, April 28th.


  1. Red Sox

The Sox are back after the season opener on April 8th.  Don’t miss out on spending an afternoon or evening in historic Fenway Park, munching on a Fenway Frank, and watching the Red Sox engage in America’s favorite pastime.


  1. Boston Common

With the warm weather here to stay, spend a little time outdoors exploring beautiful Boston Common (and the adjacent Boston Public Garden).  The carousel is open, and the Swan Boats are swimming!



  1. 31st Run of the Charles

Spend a lovely Sunday afternoon on April 28th along Boston’s Charles River enjoying New England’s biggest canoe and kayak race.


  1. Paul Revere House Reenactments

We wouldn’t be talking about Boston without mentioning a touch of revolutionary history.  For those history-buffs out there, head to the Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End between April 14th and April 29th for a slice of New England life in the 1700s.





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