Boost Your Skincare Routine for Fall in 5 Easy Steps

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed dermatologist or skin expert. All opinions in this post are completely my own and do not represent HerCampus as a whole. Please consult with your dermatologist before testing new products or changing your skincare routine*

As the weather gets colder, it’s more important than ever to take care of your skin. It’s time to switch up routines suitable for the changing season. However, everyone’s skin type is different, and not all methods are one-size-fits-all. As a person who struggles with maintaining healthy skin, I understand how difficult it can be when it comes to finding the right product or mastering the perfect routine. What’s very important, however, is understanding your skin type before even developing a routine.

Oily Skin: Oily skin tends to occur in those with a lighter complexion and produce more oils than usual. Most women with this skin type feel oily around midday or late afternoon. Because of the excess oil produced, this skin type is also prone to acne and tends to have a negative reaction to certain products. A typical skincare routine would be to cleanse twice a day, spot treat with salicylic acid and retinol, and lightly moisturize.

Combination Skin: If you experience dryness on your cheeks but oil in your “T zone” (the nose and brow area), then you have combination skin. A typical skincare routine for this skin type is a balancing act between oily skin and dry skin routines, but it mainly consists of using gentle cleaners, spot treating with salicylic acid, and moisturizing. Those who have a medium skin tone tend to have combination skin.

Dry Skin: Dryness becomes more prevalent in the cooler temperature for all skin types, but it's even more so for those who tend have dry skin all year long. Those with darker skin tones tend to experience this the most and, like those with oily skin, experience negative reactions to certain products. Dry skin also tends to be very sensitive to the touch, especially when it’s deprived of moisture for a long period of time.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the different skin types and how they are affected on regular basis, here are five ways for you boost your skin care routine in time for the fall season:

  1. Switch to an oil based or milk based cleanser: As the weather gets colder, it’s important to make sure that you nourish your skin as much as possible. This is especially so when it comes to cleansing. Using an oil-based cleanser or one that is milk-based, which can be found here, is the best method for transitioning your cleansing routine, as the ingredients are much gentler on your skin while still getting the job done. I personally like to use coconut oil as my cleanser, as it is the most effective on my skin, lasts a long time, and is very versatile for other uses.
  2. Apply a heavier, thicker moisturizer: A thick moisturizer is essential to keeping your face nourished and protected all day long. This is especially for those who are prone to dry skin, as a significant amount of damage can come from lack of a good moisturizer. Not all moisturizers are made the same, however, so it’s important to carefully test which ones are the best for your skin. For me, shea butter is my go to for moisturizer after cleansing with coconut oil, as it is the most natural and thickest form of nourishment for my skin. It not only lasts all day, but provides me with a healthy looking glow.
  3. Repair, repair, repair: After a long day of being exposed to the outdoor atmosphere, repairing your skin is especially needed. Investing in repair treatment product, such as this one, is a good way to care your skin cells after experiencing sun damage and the harsh wind. Though I don’t use a specific repair treatment product, I always a enjoy a nourishing face mask once a week as part of my self care routine.
  4. Don’t forget sunscreen: Even are the cloudiest days, it’s important to apply sunscreen before going out about your day. Especially in the Boston area, the weather can change in an instant and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Protecting your skin from as much sun damage as possible should be a top priority to prevent dark spots. I like to use this sunscreen in particular as it is strong enough to protect my skin type and, since I’m usually outside for most of the day, it’s sweat resistant and lasts all day.
  5. Exfoliate: Given that the weather is getting colder, your pores are more likely to remain tightly closed. This leads to dirt and other particle trapped within your skin, which can cause acne issues in the future because of how long such particles sit beneath your skin cells. As such, now is a more crucial time than ever to exfoliate. Here you’ll find a list of cheap exfoliators to get the glowing skin you deserve.

Naturally, not everyone’s routine and way of maintaining a healthy glow is the same. Whether you’re a beginner or a skincare guru, there’s always something new for us to discover and give the old-college-try to boost our glow up. Sometimes, however, we experience our off days. We could do everything right and still not get the results we desire. Maintaining healthy skin is a daily process with its ups and downs, but that doesn't’mean it isn’t possible. At the end of the day, every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful while conquering each day. With a little time and energy, every woman can and will!