The Best Playlists on Spotify for Every Workout

This week, our HC BC team is discussing all things fitness on our page. Just after the start of the New Year and with Spring Break right around the corner, a lot of us are really motivated to reach all of our fitness goals. The best way to enjoy your workout, of course, is to have a rockin playlist. If you are feeling stumped on what to listen to while you lift those weights and crush that stairmaster, check out a few of our favorite workout playlists on Spotify!



For that blast of cardio

Check out the appropriately named “Cardio” playlist! With its upbeat, current pop songs, this playlist will definintely help you to get your heart pumping!


For those heavy dumbbells

“Beast Mode” features hip-hop songs from all of your favorite artists like Post Malone and Cardi B. Let these beats help to motivate you to do one more rep!


For that cool-down stretch

Slow down your breathing and stretch out to these relaxing, uplifting songs on Spotify’s “Acoustic Hits”.


For that sweaty HIIT workout

This playlist is full of high intensity jams to get you through all of those burpees and squat jumps. Get amped with songs from Kendrick Lamar and Drake.


For those squats and lunges

Whenever it’s time for leg day, be sure to check out this playlist of all of your current favorite hip hop jams. Get low with these awesome beats from artists like Meek Mill and Migos.


Try out a few of these playlists the next time you hit the gym and keep working towards all of your fitness goals!