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Being Mindful During the Mid-Semester Slump

There comes a point in the middle of the semester every year where everyone gets annoyed at life and each other, school gets stressful, the weather isn’t warm enough yet, and everyone is just fed up. While it is hard to deal with people when they are in a mood, there are some conscientious ways where we can approach people and situations in a neutral manner in certain situations to prevent unnecessary drama.

1. Wording

We all know that one person who is over-sensitive. It really can get sticky and annoying sometimes, but there also comes a point where if you know someone is easily triggered, leave them alone or be extra sensitive. Know to be extra careful around them; even if it’s in a joking manner. Just be mindful.

2. Routines

It gets really difficult to just keep doing your routine so sometimes you should take a moment to treat yourself and do something a little different so that you don’t get too bored.

3. Know when to walk away

It gets REALLY rough to live with SO MANY PEOPLE in such close proximity. One thing that took me way too long to learn was that the living arrangements where you are with 4,6,or 8 people are not really that great. It is incredibly important to get away and have alone time. Even if it means doing things with people you don’t live with, get out, walk away, especially when everyone is starting to stew and get snippy.

4. Pick your battles

Sometimes, you just get caught up in it all and life really does get frustrating (and people don’t help!) Know to walk away, when to do so, and when to say something. While it sucks to be the one to walk away, sometimes you have to pick your battles when you’re drained from life and know there’s a long road ahead until finals.

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