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The BC Uniform Reinvented

Picture this: you’re walking to class and every direction that you turn, you see girls in leggings, riding boots, and oversized sweaters.  It is the unofficial dress code for the Boston College Collegiette™ ; and no matter what day of the week it is, at least half of the girls on campus are rocking this look. I will be the first to admit that usually, I am one of them.  Let’s face it, there is nothing better than waking up after your third snoozed alarm and realizing that you don’t have to wear real pants to class.  

Even though it is perfectly acceptable to wear leggings every day, it is also easy to fall into a rut.  It can get boring to wear a similar variation of the same outfit all the time.  To remedy this situation, I spend my days browsing Pinterest.  Even though most people wouldn’t think to look there for anything other than food, I love searching for outfits that are easily translatable into day-to-day life.  After searching for outfits that still contain the basic building blocks of the beloved BC uniform, I have found a few examples of how to easily vary one or two aspects of your outfit while still being comfortable and stylish.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to change up the BC uniform:

  • Add a scarf: From monograms to Missoni, there are a million different scarf options that you can try.  By adding a cute patterned scarf over your sweater and leggings, you can create something more visually appealing and keep yourself warm for those super chilly 9 a.m. walks to class.
  • Change up your jewelry: Instead of throwing on your favorite go-to studs, put on some statement earrings or a big necklace, and that will change up your entire look.  By adding something that you already have in your jewelry collection, you can take your outfit from “I got dressed in the dark while my roommate was asleep”, to looking like you tried in the morning.  This also makes it a lot easier if you have a job on or off campus and are trying to take your look from class to the office.
  • Put on a button down or a vest: One of my favorite variations of the BC uniform is a cute flannel or chambray button down with a puffy vest over it.  Rather than throwing on the same sweater that you wear every week, find your favorite flannel and layer it with a vest.  Another fun option is to wear a simple shirt and layer it with a faux fur vest.  When it gets a little warmer outside (anything that doesn’t require a parka), adding a vest over a shirt that you may be getting tired of is a good way to mix up your wardrobe without having to buy anything new.  It makes a statement while still keeping you warm enough on a chilly day.
  • Change up your shoes: Instead of wearing your go-to brown riding boots, try staying on trend with a fun pair of moccasins or desert boots.  Both are warm enough for winter while still being cute enough for walking around campus.  Bright colored shoes are also always a good way to change your outfit while also escaping those winter blues.  My recommendation is to try this one out on a day when it is not snowing, otherwise your outfit will go from cute to hot mess in ten steps or less.
  • If all else fails and you’re lucky enough to wear the same size as your roomie, ask her nicely if you can borrow that sweater you’ve been eyeing.  Sometimes when I get bored of my own wardrobe, it is way easier (and cheaper) to borrow something than to buy new stuff.  My wallet appreciates it as well and as long as your return the favor, your roommate will too.  

The most important thing about changing your BC uniform, is being comfortable.  By adding something a little different to your everyday outfits, you can feel better about yourself and that 7:45 iPhone alarm might be a little less painful.  With some luck, you might even look forward to putting on your outfit for the day and getting out the door on time and on trend.


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