5 Ways to Relax During Finals Stress

It’s that point in the semester where classes are ending and finals are looming. It can be a stressful and anxious time for many students, what with trying to balance an intense study schedule with making time for food and friends. To make the most of your study time and to make sure you are not overwhelmed, here are some ways to take the edge off during finals.

1. Take a walk

Knowing when it’s time for you to put down the books is a key part of finals. If you don’t take a walk or leave the room every once in awhile, you may be stuck in a loop of reading the same sentence over and over because your brain is so tired. Your brain needs a break to process everything you have already studied and your body probably needs to get up and stretch after hours of sitting. 

2. Go out to dinner

Nothing relieves me more than a good meal. A change of scenery is also always a good thing, and getting off campus for a bit may put some of your anxiety over your tests at bay… at least for a little while. While you eat, focus on enjoying the food in front of you and leave behind school work for the moment. Plus, bring some friends along to dinner and reminisce about all the good times you had this past semester. I’m sure all that laughing will help to alleviate finals stress.

3. Go into Boston

A change of scenery is good for the mind. Plus, Boston is full of beautiful and historic places to visit that will make your day exciting and fun. You may feel like you don’t have time to visit the city, but don’t forget that it is home to the Boston Public Library. This is a great study spot because it combines the beauty of the city’s architecture as well as the serenity of a library. It will make studying seem more pleasant and will get you out of BC’s claustrophobic bubble.

4. Go to the Plex

If the pressure of finals is getting to you, take an hour or two out of your day to go and exercise. As Elle Woods said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy.” Not only will your body thank you for moving it out of the scrunched up study pose, but your mind will thank you for giving it a much-needed break. Good exercise will rejuvenate you both physically and mentally for the rest of your studying.

5. Breathe

When push comes to shove, just breathe. It may seem simple enough, but we often get caught up in the stress of finals and forget this important action. A long deep breath does wonders in getting us through stressful situations. It lengthens your body and brings much-needed oxygen to your brain so that you can continue the study process. If you really feel you do not have time to do anything other than sit in a room and study, remember to take a deep breath now and again, and I’m sure it will take some of the stress away.

Finals are rough, but at the end of the day, they are just tests and papers. If you prepare in a healthy organized way, it will work out. And, most importantly, think about how relieved you will feel when it’s all over. Christmas break is right around the corner, so hang in there and try these tips.