15 Reasons You Need a Waffle Maker in Your Dorm

Whether you’re looking to make a quick and delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a waffle maker should be a staple in your dorm room. Savory or sweet, sandwiches or sundaes, we’ve got you covered. 


Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Our personal favorites, cinnamon roll waffles, are both easy and satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a pack of your favorite cinnamon rolls and simply add them to the waffle maker. Don’t forget to drizzle the icing on top!


Chocolate Chip Cookies

These classic chocolate chip cookies come with a twist. Add a scoop of cookie dough to your waffle iron and enjoy the wonderful aroma of freshly made cookies in your dorm!


Waffle Grilled Cheese

Cook your basic waffles until they’re golden brown. Add cheese to one half while folding over the other. Continue cooking until the cheese is perfectly melted. 


PB&J Wafflewich

When you want to turn your basic waffles into a quick meal, just add peanut butter to one waffle, jelly to the other, and enjoy your favorite childhood sandwich.


Waffle Ice Cream Sundae

Who said waffles were just for breakfast? Load up your waffles with a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream, but don’t forget the whipped cream and toppings.


Baked Apples

No batter needed: just slice up an apple and add to the waffle maker until golden. Then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for a quick and sweet snack!


Waffle Quesadilla

Grab cheese and whatever fillings you like (we recommend chicken and veggies) and add them to a plain tortilla. Then fold in half and place in the waffle maker, cooking until the inside is melted together.


Churro Waffle with Chocolate Sauce

Feeling left out when you see pics of your friends abroad in Spain? Whip up a batch of these Spanish inspired churro waffles. All you have to do make the waffles, drizzle with melted butter once cooked, and immediately coat with cinnamon sugar. Melt chocolate chips for an optional, but strongly encouraged, dipping sauce. ¡Muy delicioso!



Mix eggs, cheese, and omelette fillings in bowl, then pour into waffle maker and wait for your crowd-pleasing breakfast to be ready!


Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Wafflewich


Follow the same steps for the PB&J wafflewich, substituting honey and bananas for the jelly. Great for a quick power snack!

Waffle Pizza

Using a prepared waffle as the base, spread sauce, cheese, and toppings on top and stick in the microwave or toaster until the cheese is just melted. A better option for your wallet than ordering Pino’s every weekend!


S’mores Waffle

Wishing for that taste of summer again? We’ve got you covered! Cook a waffle until almost done, quickly add marshmallows and chocolate chips to one half, and fold over the other. Keep cooking until waffle is golden brown and inside is melted. 


Tater Tot Waffles

A perfect addition to the frittaffle, these tater tot waffles exceed all expectations. All you have to do is spread tater tots in an even layer and cook until perfectly crisp.


Club Wafflewich

A fancy twist to upgrade your dorm menu. Just like the other wafflewiches, cook waffles and layer your favorite sandwich fillings. We recommend avocado, turkey, and cheese or the classic BLT.


Brownie Ice Cream Wafflewiches

Last, but certainly not least, these ice cream sandwiches are the perfect late night study snack!

Prepare boxed brownie batter and pour into waffle iron, cooking until done. Between 2 brownies, add a scoop (or 2) of ice cream and feel free to experiment with different combinations of flavors.