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10 Signs you’re a JUUL Fiend

Romeo and Juuliet: a modern love story between teens and e-cigarettes

JUUL, a sleep e-cigarette, is all the rave these days. It’s a chargeable device that turns liquid into an inhalable vapour. The appeal is that they offer the head-rush nicotine offers in a quick burst without the tobacco or carcinogens. There’s added fun in that the vapours, “pods,” come in a ~variety~ of flavours, such as cool mint or fruit medley. They’re marketed as a safer, somewhat trendy alternative to cigarettes, which have a tarnished reputation after decades of backlash.


Sounds great, right? It’s not entirely ideal. Though they’re not old enough to have a comprehensive study, a few things are indicative of the potential health risks. First of all, nicotine, a drug, is highly addictive—each pod has the nicotine equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Thus comes the term “JUUL Fiends,” a joking name of people who are addicted to their JUUL.

**important to note: Juul’s website states “No minor should be in possession of a JUUL or any other tobacco product.” In the fine line in the bottom, there is a California Proposition 65 Warning that reads: “This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

You know you are a JUUL fiend if you:

  1.  Have offered someone money for permission to rip their JUUL


 2.  Proudly own a JUUL


  3.  Leave class or family gatherings to JUUL in the bathroom


  4.  Have charged your JUUL in the library, pretending it was a normal USB stick


  5.  Have double-fisted JUULs or practice JUUL tricks



  6.  Scoured old pods for vapour when you’ve run out and need a hit


  7.  You have a unique design for your JUUL


  8.  Have used the JUUL every day since getting it


  9.  Or, alternatively, have taken a tolerance week and felt withdrawal symptoms


  10.  Have gotten sick after sharing your JUUL with your closest 50 friends at a party









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