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Keeping Up With Fashion Trends via 5 “Must-Follow” Influencers!

     Vintage, VSCO, cottagecore, and dark-academia -- many of these terms are probably familiar to you. These aesthetics are some of the most popular and trendy styles on social media nowadays. Mostly popularized by influencers, numerous individuals now wish to follow their example by choosing to upgrade their styles and make bold fashion statements. 

     To certain individuals, fashion is a very important aspect of their life. It is a way to express oneself and often makes up a part of your identity -- the overall makeup of your persona. A good sense of fashion increases your credibility and attractiveness factor; on the other hand, a terrible sense of fashion often times, gives people a negative outlook about you. As a result, some people tend to be extremely careful with fashion-related choices. 

     With that in mind, how do people begin their exploration into the world ofashion? How can someone find the perfect accessory, mini-skirt, or high heel to illustrate their exact personality? It's simple! Take a look at your own tastes and find inspiration. For example, you can call out to the muse that is your own creative imagination. I, personally, love to create fun inspo boards on Pinterest and other social media platforms. A starting point for potential sources of inspiration could be influencers, so here are five wonderful individuals to get you settled in and started:


1. Nava Rose

     When talking about popular fashion-based influencers on social media platforms, it is impossible not to mention Alexa Jade -- or the public figure commonly referred to as "Nava Rose." Through Tik Tok, Nava Rose gained an incredible amount of following as a result of her extensive selection of clothes. Ranging from a soft feminine pastel appearance to a mature yet stylish and classy baddie vibe, Nava Rose is definitely the queen of mixing up various trends and aesthetics. Undoubtedly a personal favorite to recommend, Nava Rose is the figure to look out for when constructing your inspiration board because she is always up to date with the current and upcoming craze in fashion and the internet (by the way, she's a DIY QUEEN too!). What more can a girl want for fashion ideas other than a personified inspiration board like Nava Rose?


2. Rubilove

     In search of a more toned-down and casual but still fashionable appearance? Then you should definitely check out Rubilove on Instagram for a more neutral-based and down-to-earth fashion style. Through her Instagram account, personal blogger and influencer Rubi Ortiz became a popular "go-to" destination for approximately 1.4M followers in search of a more relaxed but still lovely style. Laid out to resemble a look-book, Rubilove illustrates a mixture of both super feminine and tomboy looks completely by either darker shades or cool tones. In general, keep your tabs on Rubilove for a "next door neighbor," "college student" or wholesome aesthetic!


3. Fengfan_x

     Remember that one period during the summer where many individuals were head-to-toe in love with Chinese street fashion? Well, we can always continue showcasing our love for quirky and innovative yet trendy and modern Chinese street fashion look through a popular chinese trendsetter named Feng Fan. A well-credited fashionista in her home-country's social media platform, Weibo, Feng Fan is well-known for her high-end fashion styling. Her particular style consists of a mixture of aesthetics -- primarily with street-wear as her main focus while other aesthetics such as pastel, vibrant, or dark goth looks are integrated into her styling. If your aesthetic seeks to exude a "mature and trendy girl crush" aura, Feng Fan is definitely the right muse for your fashion inspiration. 


4. Anoushkalila

     Various individuals seek to live out their greatest fantasy through fashion and one of the best examples to look out for is travel blogger Anoushka's instagram account. Leaning more towards the lovely and elegant yet cute princess-like side of fashion. Anoushka will definitely inspire you with lots of styling ideas. On top of her immaculate and dreamy fashion sense, her images are also complemented with pleasing background visuals -- and let me tell you: lots and lots of flowers and pastel colors -- as an accompaniment to her title as a travel blogger as well as fashionista. If you wish to manifest the idea of "living your best life" as the center piece of your inspiration board, Anoushkalila is the perfect match for your needs.


5. Freyakillin

     For a semi-formal yet still luxurious and clean-cut appearance, Freya's instagram account is the place to be. In terms of color scheme, Freyakillin is the perfect account to gain some inspiration for a more mature but still semi-casual kind of look -- like the "on my way to drink some wine and hang out with the girls in an urban setting" type of feel. On a similar note, her outfits fit nicely with the coming seasons as fall and winter is coming into play and becoming trendy. Overall, Freyakillin is definitely a "must follow" influencer for the second half of the year!


     There are plenty of other influencers to look into; however, I would definitely recommend these five leading fashion role-models for a quick and easy starter. It is already hard for many individuals to set aside some time to find the perfect outfit but if you start with something slightly more simple but still trendy and note-worthy, you can eventually ease into the idea of dressing up as a daily routine. Ultimately, the goal is to further immerse yourself in fashion and broaden your horizon.

Indira Callista is a sophomore currently majoring in Biochemistry on the Pre-Med track at Baylor University. Prior to her move to Texas, Indira had initially lived in Jakarta (Indonesia), her hometown, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Possessing both the qualities of an introvert and extrovert, Indira's interests can vary from constantly wanting to go shopping and travelling with her beloved ones to constantly taking 3-4 hour nap minimum while listening to music from various genre. Following the start of her sophomore year, Indira wanted to be more involved in other things outside of her major's field/concentration, which led her to join Her Campus. With Her Campus, Indira intends to continue her pursuit and advocacy of female empowerment through her writing. Outside of Her Campus, Indira is currently involved in clubs/organizations such as BMSA and FSA.
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