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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Baylor chapter.

I recently had the opportunity to be on a Zoom Q&A with Katerina Graham, a television actress mostly known for her role as Bonnie on “The Vampire Diaries.” It was an honor to be a part of this experience, considering she is an empowering role model, not only for her fans, but for women especially. She emphasized her journey with birth control, and it was a phenomenal experience considering the conversation was full of college students that could relate to her insightful words.

As women, we have to take care of ourselves, yet we often forget to do so. Graham mentions that when she started taking birth control, she was worried she was going to have a hard time being consistent taking the pills, especially considering her tight schedule. However, she states that when she started seeing the pill as an empowering supplement rather than a chore, everything changed. She went through a journey of self-exploration, where taking a simple pill became part of her morning routine and led her to expand her knowledge on taboo topics. Seeing an actress so in touch with herself was enormously inspiring, considering one often thinks famous actresses are far away from the reality that we know. Hearing her talk about such a relatable topic, especially for college students going through a journey of self-discovery, was remarkable. 

Moreover, the passion Graham has for empowering others is touching. “I want to encourage everyone to find their voice and enjoy the uncomfortable conversations,” she said. This is such an important statement, considering seeking discomfort often leads to success. As college students, we are often trapped in a cycle of studying, going out, repeat: every day feels the same. For this reason, it’s important to remember to stop by every now and then to smell the flowers, to catch up with an old friend or get to know a new professor more, to discover a new career or personal goals, and most importantly, to get to know yourself as best as you can. Eventually, you will realize how much you grew as a person and how you are now in a place you never imagined you could be. And I know, change is scary. Getting out of your comfort zone and feeling different emotions might be something terrifying, but in reality change and vulnerability is the only thing that can make you you. Graham truly showcased this during the meeting.

Getting to know a prominent actress like Graham in a more personal way was life-changing for me for three main reasons. First of all, she taught me that I can empower myself any way that I want. For Graham, taking her birth control pills means breaking stigmas and empowering herself, and she encourages everyone to try it if interested. She mentioned that empowering yourself any way that you want will lead to prosperity and self-exploration. Second of all, Graham emphasized that we are all an army, not an audience. This is extremely insightful and such a powerful statement, considering we may often feel lonely. Graham invited us to remember that we are not alone, ever. We always have someone to lean on, even if it’s oneself. Lastly, Graham reminded her audience to always keep going. She mentioned that she went through the same thing we are going through as college students, such as having insecurities about ourselves or how we look. In this instance, Graham mentioned to enjoy the journey and to never give up, considering that even if we think we are helpless, we aren’t, and good things are coming. Finding yourself is extremely important, whether it’s experiencing birth control for the first time, trying a new sport, or finding a new friend. You never know: a chore might actually be an opportunity for empowerment!

Hey there! I am Anabella and I am a psychology major with minors in apparel merchandising and entrepreneurship at Baylor University. I am really passionate about sports, fashion, the human mind, and my Spotify playlist. I really love to create meaningful connections with people and live by kindness!