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How To Be An Early Bird: College Edition

As a student that has 8 a.m. classes every Tuesday and Thursday, I can personally say that having an early start to the day can be difficult sometimes; especially after a long night of homework or practice. Luckily, I am naturally a morning person and have been since I was in high school. Every day, I would wake up at 4:30 a.m. and drive myself to swim practice. Although it seemed painful at the time, I quickly realized that it taught me many lessons that I was able to apply in college. As my time at Baylor progresses, I have adapted a few tips and tricks that early practices taught me to help me ease into my 8 a.m. class after a long night of homework. 

Have a Solid Foundation of Time Management Skills

I have been blessed enough to be extremely involved in college. Upon signing up for various clubs, I had in mind that I still needed to leave time for homework and extra studies. I am a student that believes everything is possible in college if you know how to manage your time. My suggestion would be to write out a schedule and post it on your bulletin board, or any place where it is visible to you. When I write something for me to do, it not only motivates me to stick to whatever I wrote but it makes me a much more organized person. With time management comes great success.

Always Prepare the Night Before

Preparing everything you might need the night before can help you relax more in the morning. Whether it be your school-bag or gym bag, having everything set up the night before might even allow you an extra five minutes of sleep! A planner is also a great idea to keep your day organized. Write down any homework or future tests that you may have to keep your mind at ease. 

Have a Peaceful Alarm

Find a sound that makes you feel happy! This might be the smallest adjustment, but it can make a huge difference! For me, I wake up feeling a lot happier and refreshed when I wake up to soft, harmonious sounds rather than loud beeping noises. 

Avoid Electronics

When laying down in bed, avoid using your electronics. Using them when you are laying down or about to sleep will trick your brain and make it forget that you are trying to sleep, despite being actually tired. According to sleepfoundation.org, using any electronics before bed suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which makes it too difficult to fall asleep. As an alternative, read a book or do some yoga stretches before finally going to bed!

Do Not Hit the Snooze Button

It’s simple. The faster you get up, the quicker you feel awake. Think about it this way, whenever the snooze button is hit, your body will go back into sleep mode and will keep making it harder to wake up and feel refreshed. You don’t want your brain thinking it’s night time again. 

Avoid Long Naps During The Day

As a person that loves to take naps, I admit it messes with my sleep schedule. I avoid taking naps unless it is absolutely necessary. Time magazine wrote a fascinating article claiming that any nap time that lasts between 15-90 minutes “can improve brain functions ranging from memory to focus and creativity”.

Energy Drinks

I have never been dependent on energy drinks. I, however, sometimes stay up a little bit too late studying and somehow wake up feeling very heavy and tired. Recently I have tried the V8 Energy Drink which is a healthy alternative to leading energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. It has the same amount of caffeine as them, but it includes one serving of fruits and veggies. May I add, it tastes delicious and it is very portable because it doesn’t come in a huge can! 


I have made it a habit to begin and end my day with positive affirmations. I am not a perfect person and I am always in search of motivation. College can be extremely stressful for everyone and I usually need a boost of positivity. Giving yourself some kind words will make you feel happier and enable you to spread positivity among your peers. Everyone goes through difficult times during college, but not everyone talks about it. You never know when you are boosting someone else by being positive.

Have Something To Look Forward To

Something that makes my mornings a lot easier is to have something interesting waiting for me the next day. Whether that be getting a new book at the library, my favorite coffee or a donut, my day will always have something that I am looking forward to. 

College is an exciting time when we are able to find ourselves and discover more of our likes and dislikes. However, we will eventually have to sign up for the morning classes which no longer have to be dreadful. School is way more enjoyable when you are looking forward to starting a brand new day as an early bird!

I am a Political Science Pre-Law student at Baylor University with minors in Spanish and Russian Language and Literature! I grew up speaking English, Spanish and French and I am fascinated with other cultures! I love trying different types of food especially sushi and traveling to exotic places with my family. I am a huge sports fan (especially soccer) and am a ballet dancer, a swimmer and figure skater!
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