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5 Ways To Build Your Resume Without An Internship

Face it. You have more time on your hands than you’d like. The impact of COVID-19 has forced us college students to attend Zoom University, log in to virtual organization meetings and overall, and feel bored at times. Like at the beginning of quarantine, I am using this time wisely and trying to build my resume for post-graduation in nine months (Lord help me). There are so many ways you can build your resume and utilize your time now to better your future career in a world that will hopefully remember COVID as a very bad dream.

Here are 5 ways you can build your resume, without an internship.


Learn a language

We live in an incredibly diverse world, full of different languages and cultures. If you travel abroad, you will find people that speak a multitude of languages. Stateside, the average person will be lucky if they can remember anything from high school Spanish 1. Some apps that I love to use to learn languages include DuoLingo and Babbel, but my absolute favorite way to pick up on my vocabulary skills? Netflix. They have a ton of shows and movies in Spanish, French, German, Korean and so many other languages.

Create your own blog

If you’re like me, you have a lot to say and words seem to flow out of you. A blog or a portfolio is a great way to present to the world your thoughts on current events, culture, your personal experiences and creative writings. You can also use it to upload anything you do, whether photography, poetry, artwork, podcasts, or anything you worked on in a professional manner. I really like using Wix or Weebly, and they are free to use!

Take an online class in a subject you’re passionate about

I’m not talking about another university course where you are studying late and cramming for exams. I am talking about online video classes tailored to teach you skills such as Adobe InDesign, Excel, leadership, SEO, and just about anything that employers look for on a resume. Some classes will even grant you certification on the subject, which you can detail on your resume!

For my birthday in June, I asked my parents to gift me a MasterClass, an online video series taught by more than 85 of the top minds in the world, including Anna Wintour (my queen), Neil deGrasse Tyson and Simone Biles. From leadership, creativity, writing, business and photography, there is something for everyone. It’s a great method to explore a topic you are passionate about, but you may not have the tolerance to attend every day. With the self-paced, you can learn from industry experts for $15 a month.

Build a list of contacts and references

When it comes time to graduate, you don’t want to leave without knowing that some professors and former bosses will speak highly of you come time for a recommendation or reference. At Baylor, I have found that the faculty and staff are more than willing to take the time and boast about your accomplishments and work ethic. If you are a freshman and are still getting to know your professors, take advantage of office hours, whether in person or virtual, and build a network of mentors that will support you through your four years here. My fellow seniors, reflect on your time here and reach out to the professors that had a great impact on you, and ask them formally for a recommendation or an endorsement on LinkedIn!

Join a campus organization

Even though getting involved won’t look the same as it has in past years, most organizations are going above and beyond to support their members and provide meaningful experiences for them! Baylor has over 200 organizations (including Her Campus Baylor) to join, with everything academic, professional and special interest! Reach out to the organization you had your eye on through social media or email them! Organizations are the perfect way to show your dedication to fields such as the sciences and arts while demonstrating to employers skills like leadership, time management, project completion, event planning and so many others!

Internships are great, but if you weren’t able to secure a remote position for the fall, don’t fret. I promise you it’s not the end of the world. The pandemic can leave gaps on your resume, but you can do so many things to fill in the space and prove to employers you are perfect for the job!

Chantal Canales is a senior journalism new media major at Baylor University. She is from McKinney, Texas, just north of Dallas. When she is not editing articles, she loves getting coffee with friends, reading books, discovering new places in Waco, and working at Fabled Bookshop and Cafe. She hopes to work as a book agent for a publishing house or as a magazine editor after her graduation in May 2021.
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