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I’ve downloaded all these apps in college, and I use them on a regular basis! They are a must-have to make the most of your college experience and help you stay on track.


I downloaded this app before classes even started to pay for an Uber I shared with a friend during welcome week. You need venmo to pay for that cute t-shirt an organization is selling on Fountain Mall or when you forget your wallet and your friend pays for your Starbucks. Everyone in college uses it and more businesses (especially at the farmers market) are accepting it as a form of payment. Also, coming up with captions for the transfers can be a fun inside joke or something super basic. 

Group Me

The number of GroupMes you’ll have been in by the end of college should be at least one hundred. From organizations to classes to jobs, GroupMe is the essential app for group texting in college. It’s also super helpful if you need to message one person from class if you have a question or get notes you missed. 


If you’re like me, I didn’t have a car on campus my freshman year and then when I was in a car accident, there was a brief time I was car-less again. Uber or Lyft are a great way to get to the grocery store, doctors appointments, Target or wherever you need to go when you can’t hitch a ride with someone else. They’re also great for when you’ve been drinking and shouldn’t be driving home. Just make sure to ask the driver who they are picking up and check the license plate before you get in the car! 


It is never too soon to start building connections, especially when you’re in college. Make sure to keep your profile up to date with your jobs and any relevant organizations or experiences. Also, a lot of colleges also offer a career center that can help polish your page. I always try to add the people in my classes and it is a good place to connect with alumni from your school. 


This app is such an amazing find for the organizer within me. I always hear recommendations from podcasts, friends, or advertisements but can never remember the name. This app allows you to create a list of things you want to do ‘soon’, whether that be books, movies, tv shows, restaurants, and many more and then you can check it off when you have done it. It’s basically a to do list for entertainment and more. 

These apps have become some of the most useful tools in college to stay connected and manage your social and professional life. 

Cassie Nataro is a junior statistics major at Baylor University. She is from Easton, Pennsylvania, just a little north of Philadelphia. When she is not listening to a podcast, she can be found working at a local restaurant, studying around Waco, closing her watch rings or hanging out with her friends. Some of her favorite things include breakfast foods, swimming, cult documentaries, witty banter, cross stitching and vegan baked goods.
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