Trends I Expect to See at Snow Ball

Tonight is Snow Ball, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone dressed in their (semi-)finest clothing, as well as the decorations. Of course, I'm also excited for the food and alcohol (for those of us who are 21+, obviously). There are some trends that I expect to see in terms of clothing, and I anticipate it won't be uncommon to see the following:

Velvet has been a big trend lately in the fashion world, and I expect that will also be the case tonight. 

This is cheating a bit, since I know that I'll be part of this category, but I suspect that sparkles and glitter will abound at the dance. Honestly, it's a semi-formal winter dance, so how could there not be glitz and glamour? 

Little black dresses are always a classic choice at any event, and I don't foresee that changing for tonight.

I'm willing to bet that I'll see at least one or two fancy jumpsuits, since those have definitely been trending fairly recently.

(Faux) fur will probably make an appearance, especially for outerwear since it'll be pretty chilly walking to Memorial Commons. 

The ever-fashionable black peacoat or overcoat will in all likelihood show up on the coat hangers,

Lace is always a strong and popular choice for semi-formal events, as is tulle

Looking forward to seeing everyone all spiffy and glam!