Top 5 Ways to De-stress this Finals Week

The conditions of finals week are a breeding ground for anxiety. Everywhere you look, people are studying, because for some people a final can be the difference in passing or failing, getting a C+ rather than a C, or even bumping up an entire letter grade. In order to get the most out of your finals week, it’s important to take some time to yourself to regain your composure and set yourself back on the right track. Here are 5 tips that I find helpful when trying to de-stress!


1) Make a list. Honestly, sometimes you just have to figure out where to start. If you can write down all the things you need to get done, it’s easier to create a game plan as to how to complete them.


2) Don’t spend too long on one subject. If you study small amounts of different topics each day rather than devoting an entire day to one subject, you’re more likely to remember the information and hopefully perform better on the exam. Switch it up every once in a while!


3) Treat yo’self. So it’s 2 am and you’re still in a lounge in Pgill trying to write a conclusion to your paper. Take a break, go downstairs, and get something from the vending machine! Nothing like a little snack for a quick distraction, plus it's a little boost of energy to grind through those final sentences.


4) Listen to your body. If you need to take a nap, just take a damn nap.


5) Get some exercise! A 30-minute break won’t kill you, and it will help clear your mind too! Whether you go on a run or do some yoga, you will feel refreshed and ready to go afterwards.


Good luck this finals week!