A Thursday Night In

Walking home from the library last night, I overheard a group of friends discussing their plans for the Thursday night. Then, I suddenly heard, “Ben is a pansy, he never goes out.” Besides the fact that this comment is RUDE, I thought to myself, wait is that me too? I mean I was going home to sleep on a Thursday after being cooped up in the library, while others went out to party for the night. But, then I thought about all of the things I could do instead of going out. Although there are nights where everyone should let loose and go party with their friends (that could be every night of the week for that matter), taking a night to relax during the beginning weeks of finals is extremely valid. Even though FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) happens to everyone, with these relaxing substitutions, you’ll forget about this weird millennial abbreviation in no time.



Ok, so this idea is pretty lame. BUT sleep is essential! Sleep can cure cranky attitudes, improve your overall health, and even help clear up skin (which may be struggling due to stress, poor eating habits, and zero time to breathe under makeup). So, when your friends joke with you about sleeping some other time, remind them about how important sleep is to your happiness. When they want to go out the next night, you’ll be the refreshed one ready to stay up for the entire night (and yet again, let your sleep schedule take an L). 

Call the Fam

This might not be the most relaxing choice, especially if your parents are reminding you of the twenty million things you have to do before winter break. However, this is the perfect time to catch up with loved ones in your life. It’s nice to escape stresses of college to hear all the hometown drama your mom has been waiting to tell you since you left home. Even if you aren’t the type to get homesick, there’s always something comforting and relaxing about hearing a loved one’s voice over the phone.

Face masks, Nails, Eyebrows

Let’s be honest, when do you have time to pluck your eyebrows during the week? The answer is never (or it’s for two minutes in the morning, and you’re then late for your 8am). Take this time to beautify! Give yourself a manicure, use a facemask, practice some YouTube hair tutorials (or just end up watching beauty tutorials for the rest of the night). You can use this time entirely for yourself, but your roomie will probably want to join the next time once they realize how nice your brows are the next day.

Remember, going out is fun and a great part of college! But, don’t ever feel bad about planning a nice night in every now and then.