New Tunes Thursday: "Road Trip to Popham" Edition

It’s almost short term, which means that you have more time to spend outside, whether that’s on Garcelon or in a hammock on campus, or going around to different parts of Maine (Popham beach or Acadia anyone??). However you spend your time, it's crucial to have a playlist that you can throw along so you can have a soundtrack to these memories without stressing about which song comes next. These recently released songs are great additions for the playlist to play in the background of those kind of slower, more relaxed moments.  

Charlie Puth- “Change feat. James Taylor”

The clear influence that James Taylor has on this song is crazy-- this song is more like “Fire and Rain” than “Attention”.  However, Puth’s voice is incredibly well suited for the way that Taylor writes and sings.  As for the lyrics, they remind me a little bit of Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson’s “We are the World”, but updated.  It's a nice switch from current day music, as it sounds almost exactly like a song that you would have grown up listening to your parents play as they talked about the "good old days".  If you want a song that seems like a classic, but with a twist, I wholeheartedly recommend this song.

Jay Summer- “Look the Part”:  

With a beat that is almost DIY while being reminiscent of a more upbeat Frank Ocean, Jay Summer recently released “Look the Part”, a song that is about the feeling of moving to a new city and feeling the need to find a way to fit in, along with the anxieties that come with the move.  This is a great song that is relatable to the anxieties of many college students when they first arrive to campus, as we worry about whether we will fit in, how to fit in, etc.  Hopefully, as we've gotten settled on campus and have made it through to short term, this'll be a nice song that will help you realize that college wasn't as scary as it seemed when you rolled up to campus with your parents on move in day. 

Lazy Bones- “Existential Crisis”

Upbeat with a catchy guitar part and drum line, this is the kind of song that you would hear during the background of a scene when there is a montage of a road trip or a couple falling in love during a movie.  Upbeat, with lyrics that evoke feelings of wanderlust and ideas of new summer romances, it's the perfect soundtrack to the car ride to some new adventure with your friends.  Created by a small band out of Ithaca, New York, the song has a sound that reminds me of songs such as “The Silence” by Bastille, or “Snow (Hey Oh)" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.   Lazy Bones is certainly a band to keep your eye on, and "Existential Crisis" is a perfect introduction to them.  


The most recent single dropped by Frenship, “GOOD MORNING, Goodbye” is a laid back, upbeat song.  Hard to not sing along to once you know it, this song is reminiscent of older Imagine Dragons such as “It’s Time” or “Top of the World.”  After their huge hit back in 2016, "Capsize", FRENSHIP has come back as strong as ever with a string of singles to back up their standing in the electro-indie-pop world. I wholeheartedly recommend a listen to this song and the rest of their recent releases, as they are perfect for a laid-back day on Garcelon or in a hammock.