March Madness

Article by Maddie Fagundo '20

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? MARCH. March who? MARCH MADNESS! (not referring to the Basketball tournament)

I know the word “March” brings a specific eerie feeling to each student. March days are flooded with rigorous work, midterm assignments, internship applications, old New Year's resolutions (if they still occupy your mind), and maybe even thesis. This list is by no means objective; everyone has their own March terrors. The worst part is that during this time of year life seems to crawl at a snail’s pace. But worry not, and keep reading.

I apologize if a wave of stress was just brought to you. Breathe. I am here to bring you solace. Though March is a nightmare, there are things you can do to save your sanity. First, let's recognize and be grateful for the (pleasantly surprising) warm weather we’ve had in Maine this past week! It was nice to retire those bulky jackets for a small fraction of time. Hopefully, there is more sunshine and warm energy to come.

Anyways, the best way to deal with March is to take the month on a week to week basis. Luckily, I will provide you with some stress-relievers and silver linings. If you’re stressed about internships, I highly recommend visiting the Career Development Center; the staff will take you in with open arms and help you realize putting yourself “out there” is not as nerve-racking as it seems. If your summer is planned, but you’re still stressed - hit the gym. Personally, I run for 10-20 minutes depending on the day and will do one of Cassey Ho’s very short and entertaining blogilates workouts (check them out here).

Now, the silver linings.

This Saturday (3/10) Bates Campus Life and various other student organizations are having a Lost Valley take over. The mountain will be rented out for Bates students from 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. There will be various live bands with a lot of FREE activities and food (free s’mores.. Yes, please!) After this fun event you can look forward to the Daylight Savings on March 11th. For those of you who hit the snooze button, I am sorry; but, this means more daylight, which is a BIG deal in Maine! Here are some fun facts on daylight savings:

Following this, is the first day of the delightful season of spring on March 20th, which means we are one step closer to short-term and can open our windows. In this same week, there is GALA - Bates’ savior. I cannot wait to see beautifully-dressed people eating superb food in a wonderfully decorated venue. I don’t think there are adequate words to explain Gala’s glory.

Anyways, I hope you have a few things to look forward to!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.