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How To Survive March at Bates & INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY

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The worst month at Bates, without a doubt, is March. Scrolling through our social media newsfeeds, we’re bombarded by happy spring-break posts from our friends at other colleges – happy Facebook statuses of “Mexico, here we come!” and enviable Instagram posts of tanned knees at the beach (or are they hotdogs?) Meanwhile, here at Bates, we are in the midst of the long, more-than-a-month stretch between February break and the end of the semester. Will it be 0 degrees or 50 degrees? Will there be snow on the ground or mud? Will the homework ever end? Here are some tips for surviving March at Bates:

1. Dress in layers. You’ll be warm on your way to your 8ams, and all you have to do is take off a layer or two to be comfortable with the ricocheting temperatures that come with “spring” in Maine. We’re sure you’ll be able to pull it off with more grace than Joey. 

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2. Take advantage of all the fun events Bates has to offer. It might be tempting to hibernate until all the snow melts (*cough May cough*) Keith Tannenbaum and the Students Activities Office puts on a ton of amazing events, so that Bates students want for nothing. Friday afternoon, there was randomly free frozen yogurt in Chase Hall. You might think that it doesn’t get much better than that, but oh, it does. Check out their various listings for events. 

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3. Keep your eye on the prize – GALA. The last weekend in March is AMAZING and totally worth all the entire month. If you go to Bates, you already know how incredible it will be to dance the night away and more importantly, eat spectacular food (can you say chocolate fountain?). 

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4. Keep moving! It’s a cliché because it works – being active will keep the stress at bay for this long stretch. Overwhelmed by homework? Procrastinating on doing laundry? Boy/girl trouble? Take a break, go to the gym and the negativity will melt away. (It’s okay if you don’t look this happy, though.) 

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5. Be prepared. When it comes to survival skills, the Boy Scouts’ motto is on point. What’s worse than working on that thesis chapter in the library? Working on that thesis chapter hungry. The only downside about the sun going down later? Sun in your eyes when you leave dinner. Luckily, Her Campus Bates has you covered…

…Introducing the HCB MARCH MADNESS INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY! (And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with basketball.)

We have a ton of free goodies to give out (but actually), and there will be many winners! Here is what you do to enter:

1. Take a photo of your ‘March Madness’ life at Bates.

2. Tag it #hcbmarchmadness on Instagram.

3. Follow our Instagram @hercampusbates (if you aren’t already!)

Submissions will be open Sunday, March 8 to Sunday, March 22. Our favorite photos will be posted on the HCB site!  

Here is the kind of stuff you could win:

Clockwise from upper left: Her Campus stunner shades, Sabre personal alarm, Luna chocolate-dipped coconut bars, Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Shampoo, Completely Bare wax strip sampler and Chipotle coupons!

(And that’s not all! We also have TREsemmé Keratin Smooth product samples, Kettle chips and snacks and Coldeeze products to give away!) 

Don’t let March get you down. Treat yo’ self to some of our HCB freebies!

We’re looking forward to seeing your Instagrams,

The Her Campus Bates editoral team

P.S. There is a national contest to win your own survival kit, too. Enter here

Becca Carifio is a senior history major at Bates College. Obsessed with coffee, scarves, videos of cute animals and polka dots. Currently trying to convince her parents that reading comic books for her thesis on Wonder Woman during World War II is worth their tuition money. 
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