How to Beat March Break FOMO

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is sitting on a beach chair in the Caribbean, catching up with old friends at home, or on the slopes somewhere snowy when you’re scrolling through your feed.  One of the (very few) downsides to Bates has to be the FOMO when other schools and universities have their spring breaks. You’re left sitting at a table in PGill writing a paper while someone from your high school is chronicling their night out at some crazy and fun beach-side rave on Snapchat. However, there are plenty of things to fix this FOMO that you may be experiencing as you wait till April break, both on and off campus (though none of them include an experience that matches sitting on the beach with a drink #maineisthetundra).

  1. If you’re missing food that isn’t chicken parm every Sunday:  Whether it is nearby in the L/A area or farther in Portland, Bates students have more than enough options for restaurants to eat at. If you’re in the mood to drive, Bates is lucky enough to be close enough to Portland, one of the current top rated city for foodies.  There’s enough options down there that you could potentially go to a different restaurant, cafe, or stand for every meal during Short Term, so why not take advantage of them?

  2. If you’re watching your friend’s entire Snapchat story of them going to a concert or museum:  Check out one of the local concerts! Whether it’s in Portland or at Bates during VCS, there’s a plethora of opportunities to listen to some great music.  For a free option, I highly recommend the a cappella concerts, because Bates is definitely known for a cappella for a reason. 

  3. If you’re dying for the classy bar scene that everyone seems to be getting abroad or at a resort:  Try out the new Baxter Brewing Company bar in downtown Lewiston- it has the chic vibe of a bar nestled in Brooklyn or Portland, and won’t be full of first years on a Thursday night.   While the Goose and Cage will always hold a very special place in Batesies’ hearts, it’s a welcome addition to nights out on the town.

  4. If you’re dying for some fresh powder:  If you like skiing (and aren’t terrified of it like me), then you’re in luck!  Bates is close to several great mountains such as Sugarloaf and the closer (but smaller) Lost Valley.  While it may not be the same as skiing down to some chalet in the Alps or your local slopes back home, you’re  promised plenty of fresh snow with the weather we’ve been having recently. If you’re stuck on campus however, there are plenty of places where you can sled down like behind Adams and Smith, the walkway up to the front of Rand, or down Mount David (though you may want to put on a helmet and some elbow pads, because that ride down can be bumpy).

While you may have FOMO from missing out, remember that we’re lucky to be at Bates during March because there is so many fun events for us to enjoy.  Whether it’s Saint Patrick’s weekend this upcoming week, Gala, or making memories with your friends before the end of the term, there’s plenty to do to help keep you busy, and avoid any FOMO!