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Campus Celebrity: Quincy Snellings ’15

Her Campus Bates had the chance to sit down with track star and do-gooder future teacher, Quincy Snellings ’15. Check out the interview to find out where she is going to be next year, what state she really calls home and how she managed to stay healthy all winter. 

What year are you?


What’s your major?

“Sociology and English double major.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Lexington, MA, but I lived in Sacramento, CA, until I was twelve, and I’ll always consider it my hometown.”

Did you study abroad?

“I was in Lisbon, Portugal, for the fall semester of my junior year. I was in classes with Americans or English-speaking Europeans, so I didn’t have to know Portuguese. However, I was able to have very rough conversations in Portuguese by the time I left.”

Lisbon, Portugal (Photo Credit

What’s it like being a part of the track team?

“The best part of being on a track team is being with a wide range of phenomenal and diverse women. The track team draws from many other groups and allows us to learn about other areas on campus. We really have a wide-reaching community.”

Aside from track, what else do you do on campus?

“My favorite activity from my freshman and sophomore year was being part of the fiddle group — Chase the Fiddlers. I also worked at the Peer Writing Center my sophomore and junior year, as well as this fall. I’m a campus ambassador for Teach for America — I try to encourage my fellow seniors to join the program. I’m actually going to teach middle or high school English somewhere in Mississippi next year!”

What was your favorite dorm?

“Well, I was a JA [junior advisor] my sophomore year, and I didn’t like 280. I think where I live this year is my favorite place to live — the Village. It’s a really nice space where my friends can all hang out.”

The Village (Photo Credit)

What’s it like having your younger sister at school with you?

“It’s awesome because I get to have my best friend at school with me. I get to share a place that means a lot to me with her, and its been really exciting watching her discover things at Bates that I discovered. And its always fun to run into her on campus!”

What’s your favorite food in commons?

“Barbecue chicken pizza — I love anything barbecue sauce.”

What’s your favorite restaurant in Lewiston?

Mother India, definitely.”

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

“School is important, but it’s less important than you think. Invest in relationships. Also, get involved — my freshman year I helped out at the Trinity Jubilee Center soup kitchen, and it made me feel like I was part of a wider community. It was a way to break the Bates bubble, and it made me feel more purposeful at Bates.”

How did you survive this winter?

“I actually haven’t been sick at all! Lots of mint tea. Also, I’ve stayed inside — all my running is on the indoor track.”

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Courtney likes long runs (not on the beach), long naps (can be on the beach), and long conversations with herself (and her roommate). She's a first year at Bates College and has decided on a different major each semester so far (this time it's psychology!). She is a member of the cross country and track teams, as well as a volunteer in the surrounding school district. Her #1 piece of advice: "You cannot do anything with a tired brain. Go to sleep!"
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