The 9 Best Shows to Binge Watch This February Break

One week off school + a laptop = incessant TV watching. Pop some popcorn, brew a mug of hot cocoa, and grab a blanket, because it’s binge watching season. Here are some of my favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu to ensure you have a successful week laying in bed. 

1.) The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

Easily one of my favorite shows of all mankind, The Great British Baking Show will not disappoint you. Delicious baked goods, adorable bakers, friendly competition… must I say any more? If you really need more convincing, check out this article I wrote about my favorite show.

2.) Project Runway (Hulu)

Could you design an entire outfit out of candy? Or wallpaper? Or even flowers?? Could you design and sew a red-carpet look in 10 hours? What about three red-carpet looks in two days? Well, guess what. The designers on Project Runway can. Not only are they incredible, but Tim Gunn is the cutest man in the world and Heidi Klum is hot AF. Project Runway is a perfect mixture of drama and talent, making it a great show to binge all week.

3.) Top Chef (Hulu)

Just like Project Runway, Top Chef is the perfect blend of drama and talent. Except this time, there’s food involved. You’ll be amazed by some of the dishes created by the chefs on this show and it will surely inspire you to get off the couch and get in the kitchen (or not… but still).

4.) Community (Hulu)

I just recently started watching Community and I am hooked. Between the star-studded cast and the 20 minute episodes, this is an easy one to fly through. Plus, if you’re a Childish Gambino fan, Donald Glover is one of the best characters, so check it out!

5.) Black Mirror (Netflix)

If you’re into creepier, sci-fi type shows, Black Mirror is the one for you. Each episode is guaranteed to either blow your mind or make you think long and hard about the path mankind is on. I definitely recommend watching these with someone else, because some episodes are a little scary – the best excuse to snuggle up with your significant other or best friend!

6.) America’s Next Top Model (Hulu)

Remember ANTM? Because I definitely do. Once I found ANTM on Hulu, I knew there was no going back. With 22 cycles available for your viewing pleasure, ANTM will certainly keep you entertained during the week. Plus, who doesn’t love Tyra Banks?!

7.) Cosmos (Netflix)

Allow Neil deGrasse Tyson to describe the workings of our universe and you will be amazed. Cosmos will have your eyes glued to the screen with your jaw in your hand. Not only will your mind be blown, but you’ll probably learn something cool that you can talk to your friends about when you’re back on campus.

8.) Archer (Netflix)

While some people aren’t necessarily into animated TV shows, Archer is beautifully created. The episodes are funny and witty with the perfect amount of crazy and ridiculous sprinkled in. You may also recognize Archer’s voice from Bob’s Burgers - H. Jon Benjamin really crushes the role.

9.) Chopped (Hulu)

Last but not least, Chopped. With its rotating judges' panel of acclaimed chefs, wild mystery-ingredient boxes, and ridiculous time constraints, Chopped will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t be afraid to yell at the TV if you see a contestant forget a secret ingredient or attempt to make a new element of the dish with 30 seconds left on the timer!


Armed with these suggestions, you’re sure to have the best week of TV-watching possible!


Main image courtesy of Unsplash.