Why The Great British Baking Show is the Best Show on Netflix

The beautiful views of the English flora & fauna

Nothing is more relaxing than when you start up an episode of GBBS and you see the cute lambs grazing in the pastures of the English countryside. Such a lovely way to begin the watching experience.


The low-key sexual innuendos

The two quirky hosts, Mel and Sue, are always making sexual references! It’s sweet and innocent but is obvious enough to make you laugh.


Casual cultural stereotyping

Maybe it’s French week and the bakers are preparing classic French pastries. Or maybe the technical challenge involves making a Hungarian Dobos Torte or a Swedish Princesstarta. Whatever it is, you’re bound to be listening to a flurry of wonky accents and butchered pronunciations. But it’s all in good fun, so don’t get too riled up.


Paul Hollywood’s pompous arrogance complimented by Mary Berry’s sweetness

You honestly can’t NOT love this duo. Paul Hollywood is almost too brutally honest sometimes that you can’t help but feel bad for the bakers. But that’s okay because Mary Berry will sweep in to at least try and boost your spirits with something nice. However, of course, neither of them are fans of a soggy bottom on a tart or pie.


The wholesome cast of bakers

The bakers are actually NICE to each other. This show is unlike any other cooking competition you’ve ever seen before. No one is out to get each other, no harsh feelings, no retribution, NOTHING. Besides the infamous “bingate” (tragedy), every cast member is looking to help one other.


The exquisite talent

When it comes down to it, you’re watching GBBS for the awesome bakes. And they do NOT disappoint. It’s hard to remember sometimes that everyone in the competition is an amateur because they bake some incredible treats.